Devising Theatre with Objects, Puppets and Materials_ EVENT

The Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre, the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, and the Puppet Centre are pleased to announce a public talk to be given by Object Theatre-Maker Rene Baker, as part of the launch of her ‘Listening to the Material‘ workshop series.

This talk is free and open to all. 
Saturday 1st June
10am – 10:50am
The Creativity Zone
The Attenborough Centre Creativity Zone is situated in Pevensey III, Room C7. Find it on the Campus Map [PDF 729.28KB].
Devising Theatre with Objects, Puppets and Materials
A talk, accompanied by filmed images, in which Rene Baker presents a method of devising visual theatre that takes the object as starting point. In this process the material’s theatrical potential is first “brainstormed” using epistemic play (what does this object do?), ludic play (what can I do with it?), image-making (both static and moving) and improvisation in situation, after which both perception and analysis are used to develop the performance concept and visual script.
The workshop series, which begins directly after the talk, is bookable. Places for the workshop, which runs for two days, are limited, please find details here:

and here:

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