CCPRG Meeting Summary 18th September 2013

Present (10): CC, KG, DH, NH, JL, PMc, MOC, TR, ART, KW

As planned a number of shorter presentations and introductions were given with some feedback and discussion. We also touched upon questions about exclusivity, how creative practitioners from different fields (composition and design or visual art for example) can communicate or critique each other’s work. We’ll come back to this in more depth later in the year.

Tom Reid summarised his interest in the relationship between silent film, from the 1920s and 30s and raised questions about the appropriateness of incorporating sound or scores.

Antoni Roig Telo (initials: ART!) introduced himself to the group discussing his background and interest in collaboration and collaborative film making for example.

Jacqueline Lightfoot presented aspects of her on-going research into chair design and other furniture for primary school children which brings together her experience in design, yoga teaching and research methods/ergonometrics.

Kate Genevieve updated us on her investigations of the psychology of consciousness, and her work with science and space exploration. She and colleagues were interviewed on BBC Click recently about their Audio Visual art project inspired by NASA’s Voyager 1 probe and its journey into interstellar space. You can find  it on the BBC website at  or download it as a podcast at

Micheál O’Connell screened a new moving image piece from a project involving Point of Delivery Signatures downloaded from courier company parcel tracking web sites. Latest version here (5 mins) takes some of the feedback received into account:

Daniel Hignell spoke of his concerns about artistic practice and its relationship with ideology, politics and also of his problems with the terminology, the possibility of exclusiveness and tradition leading to complacency.

Paul McConnell is carrying out research into coding and its connection with the resulting imagery produced and the functionality. Questions about form versus/and content were discussed.

Other matters/updates:

Our AHRC funding application for Found in Translation Symposium has been submitted.

Huw Bartlett (see ), will be attending our next CCPRG meeting to discuss the possibility of a group exhibition during the year ahead.

Watch this space…


To consider: Joseph Beuys statement “Everyone is an artist”


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