CCPRG Meeting Summary 2nd October 2013

Present (18!): Tryne Bjørkmann Berry, Huw Bartlett, Danny Bright, Cécile Chevalier, Evelyn Ficarra, Kate Genevieve, Catherine Grant, Justin Grize, Daniel Hignell, Barnaby Hollington, Nanette Hoogslag, Ed Hughes, Ayse Karabulut, Micheál O’Connell, Fernando Sobron, Nicola Streeten, Tom Reid, Antoni Roig Telo

Apologies (4): Jacqueline Lightfoot, Paul McConnell, Joe Watson, Sian Aggett

Two CCPRG members gave longer presentations for critique/Q&A, another a shorter presentation and Huw Bartlett proposed the possibility of a group exhibition at some point in the year ahead.

Aysenur Karabulut summarised developments with her research and methodology which involves working with children in order to investigate the ways in which interactive technology is used and can be beneficial in pedagogical situations. She is interested in the impact of story telling, the work of Samad Behrangi in particular, in interactive story telling and also in low-tech approaches including the use of traditional educational materials for play. For the purposes of Aysenur’s presentation she had created a prototype, a home-made projector from a cardboard box, which she demonstrated. The discussion revolved on the research question itself, how that might be clarified and honed. References were made to Winnicot and other thinkers.

Tom Reid presented two compositions of his, intended as scores or accompaniment to the 1924 experimental film Symphonie Diagonale, one more typical of his past practice, another attempting to break new ground. There followed a discussion and Q&A focusing particularly on the new work and Tom’s intentions. Points were raised about the relationship between visual and acoustic elements, whether deeper knowledge of another medium was required, his concern to confront narrative and figurative expectations and how these concerns might translate musically. The concept/term ‘agocics’ was referred with reference to the work and Tom also responded to a question about ‘audience’.

Nanette Hoogslag gave a quick introduction to her activities and research area which looks at the appropriateness of illustration in the new media landscape, and how the concepts should be adapted in the light of mobile device usage and the network. Nanette will give a full presentation at a later stage.

Huw Bartlett raised the possibility of CCPRG individuals or a group exhibiting in the space he runs in central Brighton. The idea was briefly discussed with a view deciding at a later stage once individuals had an opportunity to visit the gallery. Huw Bartlett will participate in future meetings. Details of current show opening times and scheduled talk by Micheál O’Connell here:


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