CCPRG Meeting Summary 30th October 2013

Present (9): CC, ADa, CG, JG, DH, BH, NH, MOC, FS

Apologies (6): SA, HB, EF, KG, JL, TR

Two practice presentations tool place

Nanette Hoogslag gave a presentation outlining the background to her research into the position and role of Illustration now. She agrees with the points made about the redundancy of traditional approaches to illustration given the immersive nature of new media but pointed out that other new relationships between text and imagery have emerged: sometimes dynamic, sometimes interactive and data visualisation, including real time. The discussion which followed considered these questions in comparison to other practices, less traditionally functional art forms and the impact of convergence. Also referred to were the kinds of issues raised by the undermining of narrative presented by database or web culture (and the associated world of handheld devices) raised by thinkers like Jodi Dean, Slavoj Žižek.

Daniel Hignell had set up an installation involving three speakers, playing previously generated compositions and items of text attached to the floor. Attendees participated in this, walked through and around the work and a discussion followed. Interesting points were responded to about Daniel’s intentions with the work, whether it needed to be in a narrow space, a corridor or hallway, in an institutional space or elsewhere. Bruce Nauman, Nicholas Bourriaud’s Relational Aesthetics, Claire Bishop’s response and other practices and sets of ideas were referred to during the feedback.  Daniel spoke of his concern about the way moving image and sound appear to collude and that by placing text in the proximity of sound in this way he was attempting to escape some of these traps. Questions about how to consider participants/audience/spectators and whether this might be a deliberately provocative intervention or less so were also raised.


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