CCPRG Meeting Summary 13th November 2013

Present (9): DB, EF, KG, JG, SJN, AK, MOC, TR, FS

Apologies (7) HB, CC, CG, DH, NH, PMc, JW

Kate Genevieve (recently been awarded AHRC funding to begin a PhD at Sussex) gave a useful chronological outline of her practice output in recent years and described, by means of clips, images and slides, her current work. She is interested in creating immersive experiences and understanding the psychological processes, now being informed by neuroscience, in exploring inner (and, as it happens, outer) space. Part of the discussion revolved around the significance of illusion, with reference to artists who have wanted to reveal the techniques at play and those who have other objectives. Kate mentioned the writings of Huxley, Shakespeare, the Romantic poets and John Donne during her presentation. She also pointed to the significance of ‘body’ as holding place or reaction to notions of extended consciousness and the influence of media which now include space exploration. Link to BBC website at and podcast about her recent initiatives:


Evelyn Ficarra used the dashboard (image above) she employs as part of her individual practice and secondly executed a performance in which she entered the space blindfolded, carrying teacups which became instruments. Evelyn mixes pre-recorded sounds from materials and objects with actual and amplified live sound from the same sources and items. Feedback and conversation revolved around the impact of these ‘sonic misplacements’ (SJN) and the significance of the transition points for audience/participants in being able or not able to locate sources. Questions were also raised about the complicated nature of collaboration, triggered by recent experiences of Evelyn’s: these are points we are likely to return to in the build up to the Found in Translation symposium in 2014. The impact of being blindfolded, including the potential benefits, particularly for a composer, someone dealing primarily with auditory dimensions, was focused upon in the discussion too.



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