CCPRG Meeting Summary 27th November 2013

Present (11): JA, DB, EF, KG, JG, DH, EH, SJN, JL, MOC, JW

Apologies (8): SA, TBB, CC, BH, AK, PMc, TR, FS

Today’s session was almost entirely devoted to Justin Grize’ practice though naturally much of the conversation revolved around points which are relevant to others. Though Justin is a composer, specialising in opera (researching into katydid sounds) today he presented primarily visual materials and elements of collage. This included texts (tabloid newspaper accounts of certain serious stories) which had been worked into so that word categories were removed and which he then performed/read. The discussion surrounding this moved between general questions regarding concepts and what criteria could be applied, with reference to collage in art history (Dada, Kurt Schwitters etc.) to pragmatic concerns, opportunities, how endorsement takes place, the problem of canonisation: how to “ get a piece of the action”.


Justin has concerns with representation, the fact that listeners, audiences are conditioned by written material and notation which forms a barrier of some sort. In response it was pointed out that we are possibly “conditioned by recording as much as written text” (EH). Time permitted some probing into Justin’s palpable hostility towards certain modernist experimentation, which oscillates between punky defiance or its apparent opposite, extolling pre-modernist tradition and convention. In support, reference was made to the notion of a possible “intergenerational responsibility” (SJN) regarding historical cultural entities, which opens up questions of what form that responsibility could take and more…

A short discussion took place about the possibility of a collaborative event or exhibition between us. Investigation will take place into the use of campus space itself and possible dates as well as theme.


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