CCPRG Meeting Summary 11th December 2013

Present (11): TA, DB, CC, DH, BH, NH, SJN, TK, MOC, FS, JW

Apologies (12): SA, AD, EF, KG, CG, IG, EH, AK, PMc, BN, PN, TR,

Tom Ainsworth ( ) who’d recently completed a PhD, and was supervised by both designers at University of Brighton and Dr. Inam Haq at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, described the process he’d been through and the subject of his research.  In contrast to the usual fear that emphasis is always placed on the written component Tom pointed out that the practice element had been taken very seriously at his viva. His research in the area of ‘design for health and well being’, specifically looking at arthritus, employed photo elicitation, focus groups and other techniques, as well as developing prototypes to illustrate his ideas.


BJ Fogg’s ideas (see figure above) had informed Tom’s research in a number of ways. Instead of developing designs which make the users lives easier in the short term but which they become dependent upon, the suggestion is that devices which provide useful challenge have much more impact. An element of the discussion revolved around this potentially controversial point, that increasing difficulty may be important (which has relevance, not just for designers but for Fine Artists and Composers too presumably). An approach which simply capitulates to what audience, a market, users or any apparent constituency wants may be mistaken. To emphasise Tom quoted Henry Ford who said: ‘If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.’

Composer Barnaby Hollington ( ) will return to discuss his practice developments fully in early 2014 but today he gave a short account of recent developments, the results of him being selected to work with the London Sinfionetta in an initiative supported by Sound and Music during 2014. Sketches outlining configurations of players were used to demonstrate Barnaby’s initial ideas. His intention is to split the orchestra in two and the question of how to synchronise or create something coherent, given that there will be one conductor, was briefly discussed.

Other items briefly given attention were the Found in Translation symposium in May, participation in the group – PhD candidate Takahiro Kida was welcomed – the possibility of a joint event or exhibition and an event/exhibition by Joe Watson on December 21st (details: ), and the time slot for CCPRG meetings from January onwards (this will be 2pm-4pm).


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