Found in Translation (FIT) Symposium – Call


Found in Translation Symposium - Call

Intra-disciplinary collaboration: communication within Arts and Humanities.

Dates and Location:
1st May and 2nd May 2014, The Creativity Zone, University of Sussex.

Typically attention is given to the value of interdisciplinary activity across broad fields such art and science. Funding is regularly allocated for the development of protocols and to assist communication between these traditions. What happens to communication across different disciplines within arts and humanities? How does translation of activity and information from one medium, or specialist arts or humanities area, into another allow knowledge to be explored in different ways? Can the process, including misunderstanding and learning, be considered a creative act in itself?

Concretely it is the case that much is taken for granted even in conversations between practitioners from different arts practice backgrounds such as music composition, film and visual art. When Humanities strands are considered the potential for confusion, or worse, fear of collaboration…

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