CCPRG Meeting Summary 14th May 2014

Present (6): SA, DH, BH, NH, MOC, JW

Apologies (9): CC, ADa, EF, KG, SJN, JA, PMc, TR, FS

Micheál O’Connell introduced a new short looping film he’d been developing as part of his project relating to courier company parcel tracking information (Missing You). Questions were asked and responded to about the relationship between final artefact (in this case a 6second looping moving-image ‘triptych’ for which an 18second score was being created), the process involved in creating these and the initial raw materials. What are the dangers in sharing work in progress and of releasing material into the world before it is ‘complete’? Are the working methods really of interest to others? Secondly comparisons were made between the way art operates and communication aims in other arenas such as illustration, journalism and in science.


Daniel Hignell described his recent practices which centre around social interaction. He had carried out a series of experiments, created his own notations or visual scores for musicians to interpret, intervened in untypical ways at music events and also in public. Daniel played four different samples created as a result of these exercises including Gold Coins for Three Synthesisers and showed video footage of him pushing a harmonium along the Brighton seafront in order to investigate people’s reactions. The conversation centred around questions of open-endedness and the Relational Aesthetics debates with references too to Dada and Fluxus. The intentionality of a composer or artist, or lack of it, and whether this should relate to ‘audience’ was discussed.



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