CCPRG 1st October 2014

Present (5): SF, DH, DB, JW, FS

Presenting: Fernado Sabron

  • Update on his documentary about the increasingly automated processes of a fish market.
  • Discussed alternative methods of presenting ‘fact’ in documentary, noting the fallacy of a perceived impartial film-maker when every shot is carefully chosen to illicit effect or tell a story.
  • Looked at the use of social media in film-making, particularly ‘vines’ – short (7 second) films.
  • Showed us the design for a more accessible or open style of documentary, where multiple camera shots are available at once, and it is up to an audience to choose the linearity. Discussed the problems of realising this with technology.
  • Group suggested ways this could be implemented, as well as highlighting how the disruption of a film’s temporality changes the viewers relationship to ‘truth’ (similarities to CCTV screens noted)
  • Group discussion on the work of Lars Von Trier, particularly ‘The Five Obstructions’, in which rules are used to govern the methods and materials available to the film-maker.
  • Ethical considerations – not only of documentaries in general, but in accessing ‘truth’ that might not be available on the surface (discussion of a new project involving people with alzheimer’s, unable to articulate how they are actually feeling).

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