Always Already: Impact and the Everyday

Always Already: Impact and the Everyday
Call for presentations, performances, workshops and papers for a two-day event,
July 2nd & 3rd 2015, hosted at Sussex University and Lighthouse Brighton.
The Sussex University Creative and Critical Practice Research Group presents a two-day event exploring the relationship between creative practice and research, inside and outside the academy. The event will interrogate the manner in which experimental practice/critique/research partnerships address impact as an ‘always already’ present aspect of creative and social practice, addressing questions such as:
•       What is the relationship between creative practice as research and creative practice as public facing cultural “artifact” located outside of the academy?
•       Is the prioritisation of global impact in research detrimental to the development of valuable or productive interdisciplinary relationships on a local level?
•       Does the relocation of creative practice to an area of research leave it uniquely positioned to interrogate the relationship between the institution and the public sphere?
•       How important is conceiving of ‘impact’ in challenging the perceived boundaries between the academy and the public, and in what manner can creative practice seek to bridge this divide?
We are looking for researchers, creative practitioners, artists and performers across all areas, schools and departments to present installations, projects, research, papers, workshops and performances related to the themes and questions outlined above. All formats, styles, disciplines are equally welcome.
Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
–       Utilising creative practice in ‘traditional’ academic or vocational research
–       Creative practice as a research method
–       The reality of measuring Impact in the public sphere
–       The pragmatics of public engagement
–       Are the public good for research?
–       Public performance, public impact?
–       Sharing research through creative practice
–       The impact of private creative gesture
–       Performative solutions to academic problems
Proposals should be emailed to by 8th June. Please include your name, contact details, an abstract/proposal (max 300 words) and biography (max 150 words). Alternate contacts are and

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