CCPRG meeting 25/10/16

Present (11): MO, CC, DB, IS, ZZ, AW, JW, AP, TP, TO, SJN


First session of new year. Handover from TP to JW and AW who will be running the group this year.

No presentations in this session

Introductions from all present

Welcome to new members Zoha Zokaei, Ioann Stacewicz, Alex Peverett and Tom Ottway


Discussion in the group on the following:

·      Possible symposium for this year within PhD research development framework. RLI (Research Led Initiative) at Sussex a good place to apply for funding. Autumn applications now closed – look to spring

·      Portfolio of work for practice-based submission – what does it look like?

·      Writing for practice-based submission – ratio practice/writing? Methods, tailored to own practice. Voice, transcriptions of interviews, etc. Difficulty going from conference presentation to journal article. Precedents in academic writing. In practice often writing about self, can be conflicting

·      Possibility of symposium on ‘voices’?

·      It would be good to get folk from other institutions to CCPRG

·      Link directly to Mediamorphosis

·      Links with Brighton University

·      Useful to have feedback/reviews of presentations on this blog

·      Daniel Rourke ( mentioned – blogging, documenting, when to do it and how much to put up there, format of blogs, separation from personal online presence? Invite to symposium?

·      In academic terms blogging is publishing – if public facing, effectively published and citable

·      Questions around the SHL – good to go outside from time to time. Next term?

·      TO is research hive scholar – last Friday November – constructing campus. Editathon

·      SHL doctoral students putting on an event next term – combine with CCPRG in some way?

·      Membership – look to drama practice (ACCA), Global Studies, Sociology and Anthropology, Product Design

·      Funding – Doctoral school, Paul Roberts. RIF (Research Initiative Fund) good for workshops, can go over financial limit

·      SJN and Lizzie Thynne concerned about shape of practice-based research at Sussex. Could be a good time to organise CCPRG activities that address this from within

·      Curate a day of practice? Diverse call for practice-based presentations. Possibly link with open access week

·      Copyright in practice-based PhD – big, knotty issue





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