CCPRG 2015-16

During the 2015-2016 ac. year, CCPRG met eight times in the Digital Humanities Lab, Silverstone building, Sussex. Presentations on their creative project and/or on their creative critical practices were given by: Danny Bright, Eri Iwanaka, Adam Whitehall, Joe Watson, Micheal O'Connell, Ian Winters and Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris Other discussions took place and included subjects such as: practice-based … Continue reading CCPRG 2015-16


CCPRG Meeting Summary 11th December 2013

Present (11): TA, DB, CC, DH, BH, NH, SJN, TK, MOC, FS, JW Apologies (12): SA, AD, EF, KG, CG, IG, EH, AK, PMc, BN, PN, TR, Tom Ainsworth ( ) who’d recently completed a PhD, and was supervised by both designers at University of Brighton and Dr. Inam Haq at Brighton and Sussex … Continue reading CCPRG Meeting Summary 11th December 2013