CCPRG 2015-16

During the 2015-2016 ac. year, CCPRG met eight times in the Digital Humanities Lab, Silverstone building, Sussex. Presentations on their creative project and/or on their creative critical practices were given by: Danny Bright, Eri Iwanaka, Adam Whitehall, Joe Watson, Micheal O'Connell, Ian Winters and Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris Other discussions took place and included subjects such as: practice-based … Continue reading CCPRG 2015-16


CCPRG Meeting Summary 2nd April 2014

Present (13): including SA, DB, CC, EF, JG, AK, TK, TM, JA, MOC, CB, AD Apologies (7): ADa, KG, CG, NH, SJN, FS, JW Cécile Chevalier took the group to a new installation she has been working on, in collaboration with Andrew Duff, which was installed in an office at the University of Sussex. The … Continue reading CCPRG Meeting Summary 2nd April 2014

EVENT: Shoot at The Photographer’s Gallery London

Correct me if I'm wrong but: Rarely enough are photography exhibitions of any interest. The reasons are simple. You can access photographs everywhere. The experience is no different to browsing on-line. Generally there's something too clean, corporate and ordinary about photography in galleries now. But I really recommend this: Shoot at  The Photographer's Gallery on until 6th January

EVENT: Music and the Moving Image A symposium – 30th November 2012

A symposium featuring talks and presentations of creative work by: Ed Hughes (composer) Michael Lawrence (film historian) Tim Hopkins (opera director) Evelyn Ficarra (composer) Tom Reid (composer) Friday 30th November Creativity Zone, Pevensey III, 12-5pm Directions: ADMISSION FREE Music and the Moving Image

meeting 16.1

Date: Wed 10 October 2012 Time:  2 -4pm Place: usual Frances Hubbard // Research student in Film Studies, University of Sussex // Associate Tutor, Media & Film, University of Sussex // Movement and the body in Avant-Garde Feminist Film Dance I am interested in screendance that connects with viewers’ emotional bodies as well as their heads, … Continue reading meeting 16.1

meeting 15

Date: Wed 11 July 2012 Time:  2pm -4pm Place: usual Katie Grant // Senior Lecturer in Film Studies, University of Sussex // "Déjà-Viewing? Videographic Experiments in Intertextual Film Studies," Mediascape, Fall 2012 "Acting Out/In/Through Uncanny Fusion? Remixing 'Aesthetic Moments',Paper to be given at the World Picture Conference, University of Sussex, November 2-3, 2012 + attendees: … Continue reading meeting 15